Miché Meizner


  Healer, Mentor,

Certified Coach

My spoonbending webinars have given hundreds of folks the experience of changing reality by shifting their inner dialogue.

The Cosmic Attunement Process brings insight, healing and deep soul knowing resulting in clarity and confidence of purpose. My goal is to open the way for us to tap into inner wisdom and Higher Guidance so we can Stand up, Stand out and BE the Gift we came here to be..

Your Transformation Awaits

  • Reconnect to your Higher Self
  • Re-install Orignal Self-Love Clears the blocks to
    Self-Acceptance, Self Respect and Self-Compassion
  • Activate your Superpowers
  • Take Confident and Inspired Action
  • Tap into your Intuition and Inner Wisdom

Spiritual Teacher and Author of Akasha Unleashed: The missing manual to you.

Debbra Lupien

Akasha Unleashed

Do you know what the biggest change has been for me since my attunement?  Remember the “Expansive” feeling I had?  Well, it has expanded larger than I ever imagined!  I feel larger than life!  I feel like I can do ANYTHING!!!  I do not think I have ever had this feeling before in my whole entire life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn Broadwater

Life Coach, Abuse Survivors in Business

Interview clip discussing Jessa’s experience with her Cosmic Attunement.

Jessa Hargrove

Heartfelt Marketing Coach, Heartfelt.business

Cosmic Attunement

The working model is this:
We each come into this life surrounded, 
protected by a crystal clear cosmic sized bubble – or biosphere.  
It is your energetic base of operations and portal for connections with Higher Dimensions including your Higher Self, Guardians, Angels, Source.
Most healing or clearing methods work on your physcial body and/or the energetics within and around your body. Your chakras, your aura, etheric body, etc. 

Working within and around your energetic “space bubble”
I am tapping into and affecting a whole different zone.
It’s the atmosphere surrounding you.  It’s like the “energetic” air you breath and the space you live in.
Over time, just like a house, as it is lived in – stuff accumulates,
Simply living life leaves energetic trails and “crumbs” of experiences,
bits and pieces of the past that continue to cloud your perspective and crowd your space.
A Cosmic Attunement will clear out old baggage and static. Eliminate the “residue” of old emotional charges, disease, discord.
Recalibrates your signature frequency to reflect the current, updated version of YOU.
restoring spaciousness, insight and ability to make decisions, take confident action from the current version of your healed, whole self.

Cosmic Tune-Ups

Continued support and and wanted the benefits of energetic “upkeep”.

When I first developed the process I saw it as a one time tuning but I found that many people really wanted more guidance and fine-tuning to “set” the changes and help with energetic “upkeep”.

The Tune-Ups came about to provide that continued support.
They are a combination of energetic adjustments, coaching and mentoring and work well anywhere from several weeks to months after an Attunement.

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 Miche Meizner‘s intuitive abilities are incredible. I just had a Cosmic Attunement and I am still vibrating with even more clarity and purpose. Truly remarkable! I highly recommend a session. You WILL TRANSFORM. I am so blessed to be connected to you all. XOXO

Holley Mignosi

Speaking Coach, Body Language Expert, Dynamic Dream Life Group Inc.

I  had no idea what to expect when Miché started our Cosmic Attunement session—but I was blown away by the effect, as continue to be. As out solar system moves to a new part of our galaxy, the Cosmic Attunement helped me acclimate the new energies becoming available to us which has made it much easier to navigate the personal and global intensity of the last few months. I feel integrated into the larger story of life and where I fit into it. Thank you Miché for allowing this amazing energetic attunement to come through you to the world!

Kristine Chandler Madera

Author, Life & Career Coach, upcoming book Faithcation an Adventure in Trust

Olubode Shawn Brown
Author, BLOOM The Essential Journey: A new guide to balance & well-being

Olubode Shawn Brown