is a state of the art Hand-held Micro-current device.

The Healy Resonance program
uses a quantum sensor that scans your physical, emotional, mental energy levels and delivers the exact frequencies you need to achieve balance.

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Program covers. Incredible technology at your fingertips For yourself, your clients and your customers.

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Healy Resonance Program is the only one that allows you to work
remotely. For much wider application. Without the need for physical connection in order to scan and deliver the frequencies, you can literally work with people anywhere around the globe.
Send out the exact frequencies your clients, family, pets, plants, (even buildings and groups) to support balance and optimum wellness.

Healy programs support you in the following areas:
Pain/Local Stim. Immune System, Sleep
Mental Balance,

Learning, Job
Skin, Fitness, Beauty
Meridians Chakras
Bioenergetic Balance
Protection Programs

These frequencies go to work within 20 minutes.

144,000 frequencies in 130 programs.
Support and manage wellness in just about every area of life,
Physical, mental emotional
Set the device deliver the energetic equivalents of Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra balancing, homeopathic remedies and much more.

Pre-set micro-current programs make it easy
to serving your clients.

Bring in new income through providing sessions in person or remotely
as well as through sales of the device additional programs and accessories.

The Healy has been medically cleared for use by the FDA as for conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders.
Used in clinics already for 13 years in Europe under the name of its parent company Timewaver.

The Healy Device and its Programs

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Once your Healy arrives you can get started right away offering services to your clients. You can also earn generous commissions on any devices you sell. Actually, the Healy can easily sell itself once your clients have experienced all the benefits this portable device can bring to them.

When you sign up with me as a Healy Member you get all the massive support and training from the company as well as my focused attention and support to help you with marketing, sales, mindset and more.
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If you really want to dive down the rabbit hole of quantum information, connecting with consciousness and frequencies – this is a good place to start. Timewaver is the parent company of Healy.