Guided DIY Web Design for People Who Help People.

I’m a lifelong student of communication design. By that, I mean I’m always looking to learn how to better create interactions that communicate their intentions clearly.

After first learning HTML in the late 90s, I spent years thereafter building websites for clients. I soon learned that the less they knew about how their websites came to be, the less they got out of them.

To help make life a bit easier for us all, I’ve created this tutorial system to help more people like you have a more powerful impact. And to that end, I’ve used as much as I could of the tutorial content produced by Elegant Themes, directly, as they are the creators of Divi.

The goal is for you to empower yourself and your work. Creating a better way to help you tell your brand’s story is the ‘why’.

So why not have some fun with this?

First, go to the INSTRUCTIONS, TOOLS, RESOURCES + FILES page and start with the first video to learn and implement the foundation of your new website.

Once each of these steps is completed, we’ll move on to the next module to begin customizing your layout and content.

Go to the INSTRUCTIONS, TOOLS, RESOURCES + FILES page and start with the first video.