This was a great conversation on Bending Reality and Bending Spoons with Kristine Madeira. 
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I’m talking with Kristine Madeira again, all about Attunements, Galactic shifts, the Quantum Field
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I always love talking with Linda Lang.  Fellow healer and lightworker, we hit it off from our first meeting.  We both believe that
profound change can be easy and life doesn’t have to be hard.  
We cover a lot of ground in this conversation starting with my Cosmic Attunements and expanding out from there.
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Gender confusion is a common issue not only in the states but across the globe. Tune into this episode and hear first hand what it’s like to feel like you’ve been born in the wrong body. Miché gets raw and real as she talks about her struggle of gender and sexual identity confusion.

Dana Zarcone of Your Shift Matters
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Self-Love and Spoonbending

Interview with Patty Slupecki
we are talking about bending spoons and bending life.
Finding ease.  We went through a simple energy
exercise near the end of the interview.
I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

Discussing the experience of bending a spoon with Tee Ming Ooi.
What does it require?  What is happening?
How does it translate to everyday life?


Self Love, Super Powers and Purpose

Miche Meizner talks about how to wake up and see that you are truly a divine being here to have a human experience. This inspiring interview will change your perspective on life!


Savvy Spiritual Growth Radio ~ Spiritual Straight Talk with
Suzanne Thibault

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