Manifestational Masterclass

Money and Mercury

Manifestation and Magic

Friday, June 4th @ 2pm EDT

This is a one time amazing collaboration with two very talented coach/energy workers.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to

Emerge with a NEW $$$ ATTITUDE.

Releasing the Heaviness of Money

Money and Mercury – Manifestation and Magic  A Live Masterclass

90 Minute Zoom includes energy work and disentangling from beliefs

$22 Pay in Advance

  • Release the heaviness of Money
  • Manifest with the ease of AIR
  • Owning the power of Mercury in REtrograde. 

Co-created and brought to you by:

Melina Bliss
Spell-Breaking Catalyst, Channeler of Shadows and Time and Dragon Whisperer

Miché Meizner
Transformation Coach, Alchemical Wizard and Chief Barista at the Spoonbenders Cafe

Last call special deal – sign up JUST ME for $22 or
Bring a friend or 2 for free $33

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Are you a coach, healer, lightworker, woo-preneur?

Do you feel things grind to a halt during Mercury in Retrograde?
Do you hibernate your business?
Pause your marketing? 
Mothball your manifesting?

Do you hold back on making connections or making money until Mercury in REtrograde

has passed?

Let’s Power up your imaginal energies and create a new way of dancing with the Cosmos so you don’t miss out on this fertile period that comes around (and around) every single year.

This Masterclass is part lecture, part experiential.

This Mercury in REtrograde come into a new relationship with the new energy of money.

Create your own energetic talisman 
Drop old beliefs and entanglements in the money matrix
Empower your home and business with quantum light potentials and harness the energies of the retrograde.

We will 

  • RE-Examine beliefs,
  • RE-Align energies,
  • RE-Calibrate our understanding, and
  • RE-Store harmony to our experience of being creative souls.

For centuries the energy and the story of money has been heavy.

Seen as an earth element, it needed to be pushed, pulled, struggled for, gained,  piled, dug and built, and stored, held and maneuvered.

Understanding the shift of money into the new energy as an AIR element brings a new lightness and ease.  

Imagine moving a balloon through the air of lightness.  Imagine that it is all virtual blips of energy and information to see how money is literally created out of thin air.

How much of a sense of ease and possibility does that bring?

Join us this Friday June 4th at 2pm EDT for an EN-Lightening, UPlifting
REnovation of your relationship to money and the energies of Mercury in REtrograde

Last call special deal – JUST ME Ticket for $22 or
BRING A FRIEND option to bring 1 or 2 friends for free $33

Ticket Options

In this 90 minute Masterclass, 
Miché Meizner and Melina Bliss will lead you expertly to help you

RE-organize the energy of money as a lightness.
RE-lease and detangle limiting beliefs around money, what it is, what it does and how it serves you
RE-calibrate a new relationship with money as the lightness and potential of air 
RE-align your understanding of money and drop unnecessary stories of struggle.
RE-examine the power of mercury in retrograde.

Enter a new paradigm with money as abundance, light, creative energy.

Forge a new relationship.
Design a new dance
for the imagining, handling, calling in and sending forth